Supplies Needed for Pet Ferrets, Available at
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Supplies Needed for Pet Ferrets, Available at


Ferrets are a type of weasel domesticated and often kept as exotic pets, but sadly not every ferret owner has access to proper ferret supplies, and especially food, and as such some pets are not looked after as well as they could be. is an all-ferret website and online shop that carries all the best ferret supplies.

Ferret Food

Ferrets are true carnivores, corn should not be a main ingredient in their food, but sadly many ferret foods use corn, or other grains, as a cheap filler. sells EVO Ferret Food, an excellent meat based food. When selecting a ferret food always make sure meat is the main ingredient.

It is best to use a non-spill stainless steel bowl for food, or a heavy ceramic one; plastic bowls can allow bacteria to grow and can cause acne on your pet's face.

Housing a Ferret, About Ferret Cages and Supplies

Ferrets are smart animals, they need to have large roomy cages, ones that have many levels and play areas. They also need to have several hours out of their cage every day. sells a range of ferret cages, cage accessories, and playpens which can be used when people are not comfortable letting their pet run around their house.

Ferrets also enjoy having a hammock in their cage, or something similar to a sleeping bag. Ferrets are super playful but also love to nap so these accessories are important. They love tunnels and other play toys, so be sure to select a variety of interesting items to keep your pet ferret entertained.

Tips on Litter Training a Ferret?

Ferrets can be litter trained but not always to the same extent as a cat. You can buy ferret litter boxes which usually fit into the corner of a cage, but may find your ferret does not use the litter box. In this case move the litter box to wherever the ferret has chosen for its bathroom and you should be okay. There are many kinds of litter that work well for ferrets, but do avoid any made with cedar as cedar is actually bad for small pets.

In general ferrets are pretty smelly, in some areas they are descented while young and before they are sold, in other areas this is considered cruel and is illegal. In either case ferret deodorizer products are available to be used on their cage or to wash their bedding.

Other Supplies Needed for a Pet Ferret

As with all pets, it is a good idea to get some treats, ferrets like an assortment of treats, but these should be given in moderation.

Many ferret owners train their pet to walk on a harness and leash, if you wish to do so, start training them when they are young.

If you are going to bathe your ferret you should use shampoo and conditioner made for ferrets, not those made for people or other pets. Nail trimmers are also handy to have. has many other pet ferret supplies and their website has links to more ferret information and a “ferret community”.  Click here to get 5% off your order.  They ship within the United States and some products are also available for shipping to Canada.

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